More than a Global Fertility Agency

Global Fertility Associates is a team of leading experts, physicians and partner clinics, dedicated to conquering fertility challenges for families all over the world.

We are driven by science and fueled by passion.

Our network of professionals brings superior and cost-efficient IVF, egg donation and surrogacy solutions to those who aspire to have a child of their own.

We know that struggling with infertility can be challenging, but today there is morehope than ever before.

Global Fertility Associates continues to lead and support cutting-edge research, technology and best practices within the fertility industry.

In fact, advancements in fertility treatment means the impossible is now possible.

As an international IVF agency, we can serve your fertility needs from any locationaround the world.

We provide a global village of support and access to the most advanced reproductive technologies available.

It is our mission to support every aspiring parent on their path to parenthood.