A Global Network of Fertility Partner Clinics

Global Fertiltiy Associates is proud to work with leading fertility clinics and IVF specialists from around world. Our global village of partner clinics practice the most advanced fertility medicine, helping to make dreams come true for families every day.

Our fertility partners are regularly evaluated and monitored to ensure they meet the highest standards of patient care and clinical outcomes. The majority of the fertility doctors working at our centers have received additional training in the US, Canada, UK or Spain. They all meet local licensing, certification and education requirements in their respective countries.

At Global Fertility Associates, we believe that being committed to defined standards of excellence and best practices results in the high clinical success rates that our patients deserve.

Helping Intended Parents Worldwide

Working with our global network of clinics, egg donors, acclaimed physicians, pioneering researchers, and surrogates, Global Fertility Associates has helped thousands of patients who are struggling with infertility. Below are just a few of the reasons why people turn to Global Fertility Associates and its clinics for fertility treatment:

– Amongst the highest pregnancy success rates in assisted reproductive technology (ART).

– Clinics in Spain, Ukraine, Canada, U.S., Mexico, Cyprus.

– Grantee of the European Union Tissue Directive Clearance; proof of egg donation quality and safety, procurement, testing, processing, preservation, storage and distribution of human tissues and cells.

– On-site Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), PGS with FISH and PCR technology as well as NGS (New Generation Sequencing).

– Outstanding selection and choice of egg donors. Exceptional care and support from our highly-experienced team.

– A track record of leading and supporting cutting-edge research, technology and practices within the fertility industry.

– Shipping of frozen eggs, embryos and semen from and to most destinations worldwide.