Embryo and Oocyte Storage

What Is Embryo Storage?

Embryo storage is the cryopreservation of a woman’s embryos for later use. To collect eggs, women are often administered fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries into producing more eggs. The eggs can then be used in one of many different types of fertilization methods, and the resulting embryos frozen and stored for future treatment cycles or donation. If embryos are to be stored, they are cryopreserved by either the vitrification technique or the more conventional slow-freeze method and transferred to liquid nitrogen-filled tanks for long-term preservation.

Who Uses Embryo Storage and Why?

Patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatment

Women concerned with future fertility

Cancer Patients

Military Personnel, Police Officers, Firefighters

High Impact Athletes

Transgender Clients

Patients whom whishes to have a lifetime Storage

Women wanting to donate embryos which are rejected from other Clinics because her age.

There are many types of people and many reasons for using embryo storage. The most common reason for storing embryos is to have the ability to use them in future IVF or ICSI cycles. It is more cost-effective to undergo egg collection once and store unused embryos instead of collecting eggs before each treatment. At Global Fertility, we are known for providing many affordable and cost-effective options for long-term embryo storage. For more information on next steps, please contact our Staff.

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