World-wide Shipping

World-wide Shipping of your Gametes

We offer a specialised personal transport service, providing international ‘hand-carry’  transfers of IVF frozen embryos, sperm, eggs and cells  between fertility clinics and medical laboratories worldwide. We specialise in shipping IVF samples that are cryopreserved and temperature-sensitive. Our personal service is recommended for any life science in-vitro samples that are irreplaceable, and therefore precious cargo. In particular, our service includes, but is not limited to hand carriage of:

– slow-freeze or vitrified embryos

– gametes

– partner sperm, surgically retrieved sperm (PESA/TESA), banked sperm (pre-chemotherapy), sibling donor sperm.

– ovarian tissue

– any other critical biological simples

Our Agency collect and carry your precious cargo with the utmost of care and attention. We use the latest model Dry Shippers which are approved for carriage in the airplane cabin (IATA Approved). We guarantee safety and ensure absolutely NO X-RAY at any time during transit.

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